Sports Documentaries

Play of the Year

Pixel Film Studios is proud to announce sports videography services tailored specifically to your sport! Capture this season’s best plays, the annual showdown, or this year’s championship series professionally and creatively. Our experienced cinematographers and editors can.

Team sports games and seasons, extreme sports reels and highlights, training videos and biographies—PIxel Film Studios can capture it all with HD audio and video and edit it with the industry’s leading hardware and software. Your production is completely tailored to your sport and personality; all projects are approached with a clean-slate and are completely custom.

Extreme Sports

Do you prefer shooting down single-tracks on two wheels or scaling hundred-foot walls with chalk and rope? How ’bout the freedom of a skateboard or the winter rapids in Kern? Pixel Film Studios now offers custom extreme sports videography packages that embarrasses sponsored DVDs. We believe in reinventing videography in all services we offer, especially in sports; this means facing risks when chasing down the perfect shot: what does a varial flip look like from the board’s perspective? What is your suspension doing when landing a 50-foot gap? What’s it like to clear class V water and drop into a gorge? Let’s find out.

Team Sports

Cover the entire season’s highs and lows with a custom seasonal videography package. Your season will be edited into an feature film containing highlights, interviews, personal footage, and more! We can focus on a particular athlete or cover an entire team for all athletes and families to enjoy. Baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse…bring it to the table and we will design an approach and package that will suit your sport and abilities.

Athlete Spotlights

Let fans and sponsors know what you are all about with an Athlete Spotlight video from Pixel Film Studios. This documentary short may be composed of personal footage, shots done by our Sports Cinematography Crew, interviews, and news highlights. Send your short to possible sponsors as a part of a media package, post it on your site and share it fans and fellow athletes, or send it to friends and family abroad. It is all possible with an Athlete Spotlight short; all projects are tailored just to you!

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