WikiReviews on IndieGoGo

There are a variety of review websites on the Internet today, but they often only cover one specific category like travel, restaurants or consumer products. is a new website that is changing the way reviews are done by bringing them all to a single location with reviews about everything imaginable. To raise funding for the free website’s hosting fees and mobile apps, an IndieGoGo campaign launched this week with incentives being given to early contributors to the website.

“As an e-commerce entrepreneur, I found that the various review sites on the Internet today don’t come close to giving people the kind of information they are looking for,” said Sunil Sudhaker, creator of “The future of consumerism is going in a direction where people are researching online for reviews first, before making any sort of purchase. There are also many different areas that could potentially be reviewed, but don’t exist on any other site.” goes beyond what other review websites offer by letting users review everything from local businesses and products to public figures and movies. If the site doesn’t have the category the individual is looking for, they can request that it be added.

“There is no other site out there offering the magnitude of reviews will cover,” Sudhaker said. “Using the wiki model is the best way to allow online collaboration from users all over the world to share reviews on their experiences and the things they are passionate about.”

People will also be able to ask the community to review their own personal projects by uploading videos, manuscripts, business plans and art projects, complete with before-and-after pictures.

“This will be a community where people go to find out what people really think of the work they are doing. Instead of just a few critics, they now have the potential to reach people all over the world and get the kind of feedback they are looking for,” Sudhaker said. “People can add any project and it will be reviewed, and they can even get it analyzed by drilling down geographically and demographically.”