Pixel Film Studios Introduces LifeDoc

Capturing the precious moments

Preparing for the birth of a child or the excitement of a first hair cut, your family’s day-to-day love and a baby’s quirky words and noises—these minutes are precious, their significance priceless. Every moment that passes is a memory soon forgotten. But it doesn’t have to be.

Preserving the moments that make your family who they are is a gift sure to be cherished for generations. But sharing your family’s growth and love with friends and loved ones usually requires fumbling through boxes of dusty tapes or complicated directions on a frustrating website. This gets in the way of what you really want to do: relive, reflect, and remember the moments of your lives that truly capture your family’s growth and love.

Introducing LifeDoc

LifeDoc captures the growth and development of your child through professional and creative videography sessions. The process is simple: you schedule a monthly session with the LifeDoc team—a day at the park, play time in your home, faith-based processions, family gatherings—and keep the footage we filmed the very same day.

At the end of each year, the footage gathered by the LifeDoc team is professionally edited into a feature film of that year’s growth. Share your films with friends and loved ones during your child’s birthday, the annual family gathering, or pass it on to long-distance relatives.

Tailored to your Family

Each project is flexible and unique to each family. Our approach rests on:

-The power of a family’s love—The intricacies and details that make your family unique are, unfortunately, easily forgotten as time passes and your children grow. Eternalize the importance of your family and relive the growth and development of your love, moment by moment, year by year.

-Capturing your family’s love naturally—we do not believe in staging perfect poses, forcing play, or utilize scripts. Ever. Your family’s love is unique and should be shared with those around you in a manner that is organic and true.

-Using the industry’s most innovative technology—your film will be shot with the latest and most advanced cameras and lenses the videography industry offers, and edited using the most cutting edge software and hardware available. The result is a creative, beautiful and artistic film that challenges those of world-renowned production studios.

Take the First Step Today!

For samples from our portfolio and more information, Schedule an Appointment Today with the LifeDoc team at Pixel Film Studios, Orange County, CA.